Landmark Sport Group

Landmark Sport Group

Providing expert athlete management, sports marketing and event management services since 1987

Landmark Sport Group Inc. is an athlete & television personality representation and event marketing company. Landmark was founded in February, 1987, based on the principles of integrity, honesty, old fashioned hard work and the mandate to always approach a client’s business in an innovative manner. These principles have been strictly adhered to and as a result, Landmark has grown into a truly international sport marketing company operating from our base in Mississauga.


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Professional Golfer

Professional Golfer

Professional Golfer

Professional Golfer

Olympic Swimmer

Olympic Speed Skater

Olympic Equestrian

Olympic Decathlete

Olympic Speed Skater


Media Personalities

Sports Journalist

Sports announcer

Olympic Curler / Commentator

Canadian Sports Commentator

Sponsorship Services

Sponsorship sales focused on athletes, events and media properties.

Sponsorship Packaging

Sponsorship Solicitation

Sponsorship Servicing

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The Team

Elliott Kerr

Sharon Podatt
Director, Client Management

Victoria Goytan
Event Coordinator

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